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    Default Problem in Export to Excel using Jexcel api


    Iam implementing Export to Excel functionality using Jexcel api in my dynpage coding.

    Say I have given excel sheet name as MySampleExcel.xls in the coding.

    1. I click on Export to Excel button - > open, an excel sheet is opened with the values exported to it from the backend.
    2. If you see the excel sheet name in the top left corner, it is displaying as MySampleExcel(1). Next time, when you open , it is displaying MySampleExcel[2]. If you try to do "Save As" under File menu, it is saving with the numbers at the end of filename which is something like:


    It is randomly generating these numbers.

    What could be the problem?


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    Because the browser is caching a copy, so the next time it loads the thing (and it is being delivered new, it is not reading the cahce), it attempts to cache it again, but something else already has the same name, so it adds a one up number, in order to give it a unique name.

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