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    Default accesssing the exe file on client maachine using my appliaction

    Hello All;

    I have one problem.

    I want to access one exe file that is present on the client machine who is accessing my application. So can anyone tell me how can i do that?

    with javascript using activeX object i get rid of it but this javascript fails if client is using the Firefox browser. So if anyone tells me how to execute the exe file using the firefox browser is also welcome.

    Thanks in advance for your support.:)

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    As far as I know, Javascript specifications imply on that you can't reach any client side file, considering security issues. As you know IE with ActiveX can be thought out of these specs. So this can only be done using ActiveX in IE.
    Firefox, Opera and other non-Microsoft browsers stick with Javascript specs and as long as these specs remains the same, there will be no way doing what you want even with Java Applets. Applet specifications also don't let any applet reach client file system.


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