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    Default Help with the Dummy Function

    It is required to construct to a mini application with pages JSP and Java components that allow to implement a send method. The conditions are:

    A send method is made up of a file of detail and a file of summary.
    A send method is identified univocally by a name.
    A send method generates by means of a transformation on the detail file, server numbered segments of 1 to n.

    In order to solve the previous thing, an application JSP is must to construct that allows:
    Entrance of a send method (upload to the site through HTTP).


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    1.It asks you to do an upload
    2. When you do the upload, do an event that divide the file of details received
    3 The number of segments is random, according to the result of dummy function
    4.The files saved in the hard disk of the server, must be visible and some windows (jsp?) must shows the contains of the directory

    If you question is "how can I generate random numbers?"
    I send you this link
    Java Random Numbers

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