I have an issue using the <ui:repeat> within another <ui:repeat> tag. The code is as below:

<ui:repeat value="#{displaysupp.suppDocs}" var="info">

<cs:container label="#{info.idTopic}" containerKind="grey">
<h:outputText value="#{info.content}"/>
<ui:repeat value="#{suppdocs.attachments}" var="item">
<h:outputText value="#{item.name}"/>

Please note that the <cs:container> is our own specifi tag to display a container.

I need to repeat a number of objects withing one object. But I get an exception saying, "FacesException: Can't instantiate class: com.csg.cs.pl.bean.SupportDocs"

This class is a bean class which has the "attachments" array.

Can anyone tell me how to use a nested <ui:repeat> command with a good example.

Thanks alot for your help.