Hi guys,

a while ago I wrote a blog discussion the difficulties we encounter with JSF when we have too much Ajax functionality which can be found here.


In the mentioned project in this blog I used Spring Web Flow to satisfy some requirements but now that development of the Spring Web Flow stopped I like to check what Faces Flows can present to satisfy the same requirements.

From a quick look similarities between Spring Web Flow and Faces Flows are obvious but there is one specific point I like to ask.

In SWF it is possible to define flowing element at the beginning of an flow.

Java Code:
    	<evaluate expression="CustomerSearchSM.resetStateMachine()"/>
which will trigger an event when you will start executing a flow, I look to the Faces Flows flow descriptors but I can see an element that fullify similar requirement.

Can anybody tell me a similar functionality built into the Faces Flow or not?

And is there a way to configure Faces Flows that it reacts to events from the users like the following.

Java Code:
<transition on="onStartCustomerSearch" history="invalidate">
	<evaluate expression="customerSearchInputBB.searchCustomer()"/>
<transition on="onCustomerAuthenticated" history="invalidate">
	<evaluate expression="customerSearchAuthenticationBB.customerGivesAuthentication()"></evaluate>
Thx in advance.