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    Default Problem with running Maven-JSF in Eclipse Kepler

    Hi All.

    I had been playing with this lately and still unable to run a jsf maven web application in eclipse kepler. I hope I can find the answer because I had been searching for answer forever. :)

    Using @managedbeans i created a simple hello.

    Java Code:
    public class Test(){
      public String getText(){
       return "myText";

    An the jsp file looks like this:

    Java Code:
      #{test.getText} /*or #{test.getText()}*/
    With the codes above, what the html displays is only:


    Can you please tell me what I might be missing?

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    Default Re: Problem with running Maven-JSF in Eclipse Kepler

    Clearly the page is not processed by JSF at all. So you likely have a configuration problem in your web.xml.

    This is an article I wrote on this very subject, you can check it to compare what you have:
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