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    Default Hide particular parameter in the URL

    Hi, is there any way to hide Hide particular parameter in the URL.
    For example, the original URL after the request: http://localhost:8080/building/detai...e=Adam&Id=2457

    In that URL i have 3 parameters Fname(first name), Lname(last name) and Id
    I wish to find a way to get the same request according to those 3 parameters but hide the Id from URL to be like this: http://localhost:8080/building/detai...ohn&Lname=Adam

    PS: i don't want to hide all the parameter as i use POST method (NOT GET).

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    Default Re: Hide particular parameter in the URL

    do not send Id parameter

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    Default Re: Hide particular parameter in the URL

    send as a hidden parameter as a hidden form field

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    Default Re: Hide particular parameter in the URL

    Once you put a value in the page, be it a parameter in GET or a hidden field in a POST will enable the user to modify the value. If you don't want the user to see/modify the value, don't send it to the user.

    If you can't avoid sending the id to the user, create a hash of all the parameters, like md5( salt + Fname + Lname + id ) and include that as a checksum in the URL/form. Once the server receives the data, recreate the checksum from the post/get data and if that's different than the checksum from the user, someone has been dicking about with the data and you can show them a 404 or whatever you like.
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