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    Default change encoding in jsf?

    i want to change encoding in jsf but encoding="UTF-8" is not working and i get ????? in my database instead of the strings i pass to database.
    i want to insert arabic strings
    i wrote filter but didnt work
    neither the xml,meta tag above the page is not working
    and even i tried to set encoding in tomEE in server.xml file
    but non is working please help me SOS!!!!!!

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    Default Re: change encoding in jsf?

    JSF has little to nothing to do with a database. Likely you need to change encoding somewhere else, like in the database driver or the database itself. Check the manual of your DBMS and its driver.

    Also be sure that the problem is not in the way you are checking the encoding; if you use some sort of command prompt tool to see the data then you are limited by the encoding that the command prompt has set.
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