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    Default JSF Designer and PrimeFaces License


    Does anyone of you knows a program or plugin for eclipse,netbeans where you can design JSF Sites?

    My second question relates to Prime Faces. Can I use commercially Prime Faces?

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    Default Re: JSF Designer and PrimeFaces License

    Design as in drag, drop, click & pray? No I don't know of such a thing. The Jboss Tools plugin has a visual designer which you can use to get a rudimentary idea how your page is going to appear visually; but you still write all the markup yourself. the last time I saw it being used, you needed a 32 bits Eclipse to be able to use it.

    And yes you can use Primefaces commercially, but now that I said that you are not one step closer to knowing the truth. who am I? Do you know me? Can you trust me? You can't know for sure, I'm just some bloke on a forum with a nickname that doesn't even represent my real name. Better check the Primefaces website and contact the people to know the real truth.
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