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    Question Please Help…How can i use JSF with Hibernate?

    I am trying to insert student entries in to database(oracle) dynamically.In order to do that i am using JSF for form creation and validation and using ORM Framework Hibernate to store the entries to the database.I can create form page and write managed beans using of JSF but I wonder how to map JSF managed bean as a table in Database.can anyone guide me through any sample examples or any useful links,so that i can come to an idea.

    Thanks for any help

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    Default Re: Please Help…How can i use JSF with Hibernate?

    You shouldn't do that. Keep the things separate; have a managed bean AND a Hibernate entity. Of course you are free to map JSF components to the properties of an entity object you maintain in your JSF backing bean, I do that myself when I'm too lazy to implement a truly isolated application model.
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