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    Default Portal web service for home automation with JSF


    I want to develop a web portal for home automation devices with JSF.
    With JSF I want develop the user, admin interface e.g. to register devices like power meter, sensors, .... to get the current state....
    Most of the meters, sensor devices I am using have IPv4, 6LoWPAN support.

    However what is the best way to develop web services like HTTP data retriever, receiver, sender for each of the registered devices
    -to retrieve HTTP,XML data from an embedded web server continuously ~1minute interval
    -to send HTTP messages to a CGI script to turn on a relay
    -to receive HTTP data from an external client.

    Is it also possible to use JSF or do I have to use any other JAVA EE service?


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    Default Re: Portal web service for home automation with JSF

    No JSF is not intended to be used to do these things; JSF is a web framework, it's task is to produce nice web interfaces and to respond to events triggered in them. It is not an all-in-one toolbox, that's the Java runtime. You should look more to your application server for the scheduling features, most of them will have a scheduler service built in. If not you can always use Quartz.

    > to receive HTTP data from an external client
    That's a bit vague. Web applications don't receive HTTP data, web servers do. You are free to implement for example a servlet or a JAX-RS webservice which can be invoked by external clients.

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