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    Default Looking for the best JSF user auth in my case

    Today I have read about many different ways and I need to ask about them (so I created an account here, Hi!:))

    So, The most famous one is: FORM based authentication, using JDBC and realms configured in Glassfish. But I think it is a little bit.. not flexible. I don't want to set database name, and tables where will be username, password, group etc. as constant. It could change. And when I use many databases, where tables with passwords could be named differently - I think this solution will never work.

    Here is my case, and question: Which authentication mechanism should I use, in case when I've web-service that has a method which returns whether username and password are correct? That function will connect to DB itself to check whether user and password is ok.. I need only the whole mechanism that will care about which page display (login page or "requested" page). And in case login page, it will use that web-service method to check it..

    Really thanks for help,
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    Default Re: Looking for the best JSF user auth in my case

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