Hi All,
I am trying to use tr:Command link to open a dialogue.
When i run my application including only the JSP Runtime, JSF 2.0, JSTL 1.2 and Trinidad Runtime 11 Libraries my application seems to work fine and a popup is opened.
However when i include the ADF Faces Runtime 11 library the popup is opened in the same window as a web page.

The same problem is also encountered when using tr:table with ADF Faces Runtime 11 library.
The height of the tr:table changes dynamically with the number of rows displayed but when i include ADF Faces Runtime 11 library a fixed height is displayed for the table.

I need to include the ADF Faces Runtime 11 library for fetching data from application module.

Can anyone help me out or explain why this happens.

I am using Jdeveloper 11G.