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    Default Session Expiry on JSF

    Hi friends,
    I have an application on JSF framework. When I click logout, the session expires. But when I click the BACK buton in the browser, the former session(the loged out username) is on. What is the solution for this such that if the user clicks back button also, the page should take to login.

    This is my code for the logout action

    public String expored() {
    HttpSession session = (HttpSession) FacesContext.getCurrentInstance().getExternalConte xt().getSession(false);
    if (session != null) {
    DateFormat dateFormat = new SimpleDateFormat("yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss");
    Date date = new Date();
    current_time = dateFormat.format(date);
    try {
    connection = DataBaseConnection.getConnectionIPF();
    statement = connection.createStatement();
    resultSet = statement.executeQuery("select MAX(InTime) from logindetails where UserName='" + lb.username + "'");
    while ( {
    intime = resultSet.getString(1);
    statement.executeUpdate("update logindetails set OutTime='" + current_time + "' where InTime='" + intime + "' AND UserName='"+lb.username+"'");
    } catch (Exception ee) {"Error in logoubean expored method : " + ee.getStackTrace());
    } finally {
    try {

    if (connection != null) {
    } catch (SQLException ex) {"SQL Error in logoubean expored method : " + ex.getStackTrace());
    return "/login";

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    I guess this is not a JSF issue, its a browser cache issue. When you click back button, the browser loads the page from its cache, thats why its displaying the logged out user name.

    Did you notice that the page loads by clicking back button, but does not allow you to perform any action? If yes than its confirmed that it is browser cache issue.

    You can solve this by a javascript function which clears your page from the cache, and definitely your jsf logout action must also be called after clearing the page from cache.

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