Hi there,

I'm new in the world of J2EE and I'm trying to develop JSF 2.0 portlets to run on JBoss Portal 2.7.

Unfortunately no JSF 2.0 portlet bridge standard exists (only for JSF 1.2), JBoss Portlet bridge still only supports JSF 1.2 and I didn't find any tutorial to make even a "Hello World" JSF 2.0 portlet.

The only thing I found is the project portletfaces, a JSF 2.0 portlet bridge, but it can only make it work on Liferay (for wich it is optimized), not on JBoss Portal (or even GateIn). Unfortunately for my project I absolutely need to use JBoss Portal...

Can anyone help me? Is it mandatory to use a portlet bridge for JSF 2.0 portlet development? Am I screwed?

Thanks a lot!