Hi guys,

i have a problem with the rich:datagrid. The page which have the datagrid starts with a search method by name. ( query includes like function ) Search components are in h:form. So the related names after the search, will be ordered on the datagrid. Each row has 2 textbox and one a4j:commandButton. When the people arranged on the rows, the inputboxes filled with the values. The values are taken from the db. The problem is, for example grid has 2 rows, when i want to change the first row's values the change can not be applied, i write the values of inputboxes on the console and default values comes which are filled when the datagrid is set. But on the second row i can change the values.

My managed bean scope is session. I opened a a4j:form inside the rich:datagrid, the components (two inputboxes and a4j:commandButton) are stored in this form.

I m waiting your answers, thanks in advance.