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    Default Including an external url to a jsf page


    I want to try adding an external url to a my jsf page using facelet, but I don't know if that can really be done or not.
    Well, to be a bit clearer, I want to make it like Google Image. When you click on a image to display it, you get to a page where you have the image in the upper section, and down you have the external web page related to that image, while you are still navigating under google.

    Can anyone help on finding an issue doing that?

    Thanks in advance

    Hajer OUALHA

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    Default External url in jsf

    hai you can add the external link like below
    <link href="/${facesContext.externalContext.requestContextPath}/external.jsf">

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    Just look up the iframe tag.

    <iframe src="urlpath" />

    This is if you are using JSF 1.2 and above.

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