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    Default Trouble with jsf and <rich:extendedDataTable>

    Hi All,

    First of all I am a beginner at JSF, I still don't get some JSF concepts properly like FacesContext. I have searched the solution for the below problem, but I couldn't find anything useful for me.

    I have a <rich:extendedDataTable> with some data from a database table. And have a managedBean providing the data from a pojo as a java.util.List<myPOJO> object to <rich:extendedDataTable>.

    I can get the selected rowkey on this managedBean. But the database has some other users who can delete records. At this point if one of them deletes any record at the database table, <rich:extendedDataTable> will not have any clue about the deleted row and it will still refer the old number of rows. In this case the rowkey will refer to the (selected row + 1)th row after deletion.

    I would like to refer to old data and get primary key from it, then to look if the data with this primary id still exists.

    I cannot use primary key on the table for security and design purposes. I don't know if there is any way to keep primary key data on the page securely, or to get it correctly at the managed bean, even after data deletion by other users.

    I cannot use <rich:dataTable> etc, since I want sorting enabled at data table.

    I think there must be a solution at managedBean side, hence I choose JSF thread of the forum.

    I really appreciate your help, I got stucked with this problem :confused:
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