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    Default JSF Facelets Tutorial

    If you are new to JSF , you are go through the below links

    Setting up workspace and developing a simple application JSF Beginner's Guide

    Page Navigation in JSF JSF Beginner's Guide: JSF Page Navigation

    Configuring resource bundle in JSF JSF Beginner's Guide: Configuring Resource Bundle

    Internationalization JSF Beginner's Guide: Internationalization in JSF

    Eventhandling in jsf JSF Beginner's Guide: JSF Event handling

    Request Processing Life Cycle in JSF JSF Beginner's Guide: JSF Request Processing Life Cycle

    Introduction to Facelets JSF Beginner's Guide: Intorduction to Facelets

    Setting up Facelets Development Environment JSF Beginner's Guide: Setting up Facelets Development Environment

    Simple Facelets Program JSF Beginner's Guide: Simple Facelets Program

    Templating in Facelets JSF Beginner's Guide: Templating in Facelets

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    thanks alot for this tutorial trail, its very very helpful for someone who is just getting started using the frame works... :) :) :)

    i have worked my way through the tute's successfully to the point at which i set up the facelets development environment..

    i have created the 2 user libraries with all of the required jars JSF1.2 and JST

    but when i go to add ( select ) the jsf1.2 library eclipse shows an error ...

    Selected libraries are missing key JSF implementation classes (javax.faces.*)

    i have been hunting around looking for the associated javax.faces.* files can anyone point me in the right direction as i am keen to learn the facelet technology ?

    thanks in advance

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