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    Default How to read DatePicker Text box value in jsf?

    Hi all,

    Can any one plz tell me how to read a datepicker text value in Action.
    Hear is jsf code.
    Java Code:
    <h:panelGroup styleClass="ctrlwidthfirstpair controlfont">
    <t:inputCalendar value="#{ProjectBean.uatDate}" styleClass="txtdatewidth"
     popupButtonImageUrl="./images/Calendar.gif" popupDateFormat="dd-MMM-yyyy" readonly="true"
    renderAsPopup="true" renderPopupButtonAsImage="true"
    popupButtonStyle="vertical-align: top;cursor: hand; padding-right: 5px;" popupButtonStyleClass="padright5px" />

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    uatDate is Date type, you may use uatDate get text value in ProjectBean

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