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    Exclamation please, can you help me


    ive been having this problem since last year and i need a answer that a 18 year old can undertsand not a 30 year old please can you give me step by step support for this problem, thanks alot.

    this keep coming up everytime a try to laod a runescape private server.
    everytime i run it this happens in a black box.
    this system cannot find the path specified.
    exception in thread "main" client
    caused by: java.lang.noclassdeffounderror: client
    at$<unkown source>
    at<native method>
    at<findclass<unkown source>
    at java.lang.classloader.loadclass<unkown source>
    at sun.misc.launch$appclassloader.loadclass<unkown source>
    at java.lang.classloader.loadclass<unkown source>
    at java.lang.classloader.loadclassinternal<unkown source>
    could not find the main class: client. program will exit.
    press any key to continue...

    i aplogize for any mistakes i made because i coppied it all down. please help me out.

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    Clearly your program is not finding a class by name 'client' which is being referred in some part of your main() function.You will have to put that class in your classpath.

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