hi, im about to finish college and i to make it i must complete a final project of my choice

a suggestion one of my teachers gave was to create a website to allow new students to be evaluated on basic pc knowledge using word, excel and powerpoint

ok, its simple, i can use hibernate, spring and jsf, make multiple choice questions, graphic based questions and many others

now the problem is they want something like office certifcation exams, which include questions with simulations of certain situations and/or recording steps taken to fulfill an objective, like using bold and choose a printer

rebuilding office in java is not an option (well i think that, i know the simulator exams guys did, dunno what it takes), so i was thinking if there might be a way to check the results of the file instead checking all the procedures, something like saving and sending the document so a java application could read it, i dont know like an xml document

can someone cast a light on me plz? or this is out of my reach?