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    Default TreeTableView - Dynamic Columns - Proplem update only single column

    TreeTableView treeTableView = new TreeTableView(root);

    TreeTableColumn [] tableColumn= new TableColumn[size];

    for( i< size) {

    tableColumn[i] = new TreeTableColumn();

    tableColumn[i].setCellFactory(TextFieldTreeTableCell.forTreeTabl eColumn());

    tableColumn[i].setCellValueFactory(new TreeItemValueProprty("Name"));




    Here I am try to edit the single column but update the values entire row depends on no of columns.
    Here the columns size are dynamics.Please let me know how to update only single column.

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    Default Re: TreeTableView - Dynamic Columns - Proplem update only single column

    I am not sure I understand your question, but let's give it a shot:
    - rows usually represent objects
    - columns usually represent properties of that object
    If you want to change a value for a certain cell you have to change the underlying property for your object.
    If you have changed the property and the column graphics does not update automatically (that's a known issue), then you call a method like this as a work-around after updating the property:
    Java FX Code:
    public void updateTable() { 

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