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    Default Polyline from a list of DoubleProperty

    I see in the API that Polyline (as well as Polygon) can only construct a Polygon from a list of Double. I would like to construct a Polyline from a list of DoubleProperty. The idea I have in mind is to have a polygon that resizes itself when I resize the pane (by resizing the windows for example). This will work if I use only line segments. Just use a DoubleBinding "scalefactor" (bound to the size of the pane) and add the initial and end points of the line as a multiple of scalefactor. Naively I thought that this should work for a polyline in the same way but it doesn't seem so. So what's the best way to achieve this goal? Is there something obvious I have overlooked? (I am completely new to javafx and to GUI programming in general). Would it be possible to define such thing ourself?
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    Default Re: Polyline from a list of DoubleProperty

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    Default Re: Polyline from a list of DoubleProperty

    try to add the lines to a group and scale the group.

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