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    Default IllegalArgumentException: Bad margins When Printing to a DYMO LabelWriter 450

    Hello forum, I would be grateful for any suggestions on the following.

    I am attempting to print text (or a circle) to a DYMO LabelWriter 450. The code below works find if I am printing to a standard A4 printer. I can also print from Notepad to the LabelWriter. However, when I try and print to the LabelWriter with the following code, I get a "Bad Margins" error. I have also set the correct paper (label) size in the printer properties...

    Java FX Code:
    Printer printer = Printer.getDefaultPrinter();
    System.out.printf("Selected: %s\n", printer.getName());
    Node node = new Circle(2,2,2);  //something to print
    try {
       PrinterAttributes attributes = printer.getPrinterAttributes();
       System.out.printf("\nLabel Size: %g, %g(%s)\n", attributes.getDefaultPaper().getWidth(), attributes.getDefaultPaper().getHeight(), attributes.getDefaultPaper().toString());
       Paper label = attributes.getDefaultPaper();
       PageOrientation orientation = printer.getPrinterAttributes().getDefaultPageOrientation();
       PageLayout layout = printer.createPageLayout(label, orientation, MarginType.HARDWARE_MINIMUM);
       System.out.printf("\nPageLayout: %s\n", layout.toString());
       PrinterJob printerJob = PrinterJob.createPrinterJob();
       boolean success = printerJob.printPage(layout, node);
       System.out.println("printerJob.printPage : " + success);
       if(success) {
    } catch(IllegalArgumentException e) {
    The output:

    Java FX Code:
    Selected: DYMO LabelWriter 450
    Label Size: 54.0000, 144.000(Paper: 11355 Multi-Purpose size=19.0x50.8 MM)
    PageLayout: Paper=Paper: 11355 Multi-Purpose size=19.0x50.8 MM Orient=PORTRAIT leftMargin=4.079055190086365 rightMargin=2.8799983263015747 topMargin=16.319055318832397 bottomMargin=4.319998025894165
    java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Bad margins
    Any help, pointer and or suggestion will be gratefully revived...

    Kind Regards,
    Harold Clements

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    Default Re: IllegalArgumentException: Bad margins When Printing to a DYMO LabelWriter 450

    did you solve the problem? I'm having exactly the same problem.

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