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    Default Slow Drag Events

    I am thinking about developing a game using JavaFX, and I've been playing with some basics that I expect to use. I expect to be doing quite a bit of drag and drop. I have done drag and drop before, but I am encountering some strange behavior this time. My game board is an AnchorPane inside a ScrollPane (to allow scrolling and zooming on the game board). The game board is wrapped in a Group (turns out the Group is needed for correct zooming). The strange behavior is that the OnDragEntered and OnDragExited methods are not being called in a timely manner, when dragging onto the game board The OnDragEntered method is not called for several (like 10 or 12) seconds, and sometimes only after dragging around the game board for several seconds. Dragging out of the game board produces immediate events. I am using the latest Java release (1.8.0_72) with NetBeans 8.1 on an up to date Ubuntu Laptop. Running the jar file under Windows 10 shows the same behavior. I have attached a zip file containing the entire NetBeans project.

    Anyone ever see such behavior, or anyone see anything in this fxml that might cause it?

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