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    Default Coding Nine Men's Morris with JavaFX

    Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,

    I am currently working on programming Nine Men's Morris and I am now stuck with the GUI for the playground. It is very complex since you have to recognize which fields are empty, or have a key on them as well as the positioning and everything about it.

    I really dont know where to start and i have no experience with java FX or anything related. Some of my members are now working on it with SWING / AWT but I think Java FX offers a higher quality.

    I don't find anything related to the game with java fx using google, and wanted to ask what i should focus on and how to start. I am really confused and dont know what i should focus on first.

    Do you have any advice for a novice?

    -- The Current State.
    We already have the rules and everything else around in Java but just the Playground is missing.

    Regards, TiRoX

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    Default Re: Coding Nine Men's Morris with JavaFX

    JavaFX is a new/updated UI API that resolves some (minor ?) issues that were bugging programmers in AWT or SWING (It also promises to work on a wider range of platforms). The programming approach will not be fundamentally different from any solution one creates in AWT or SWING. If you are looking for advice on the programming of your game, you might be better off in the game programming section.

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