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    Default Customizing Tabs In TabPane

    I'm doing a little practice and working with designing an interface that will consists of tabs, each containing its own set of data charts. I've done a lot of research online and for the most part its been very helpful; however, when its comes to modifying and customizing tabs, I am running into some issues. Firstly, I want to change the tab background color to match the background color of the tab content, so essentially, each tab will have it own custom color. I've setup a CSS file to keep all of my custom styles organized. I setup the following in my .css file:
    Java FX Code:
    .root {
        -fx-font-family: "Charter";
        -fx-font-size: 15;
    .solartab .tab:selected  {
        -fx-background-color: #FFB84D;
    .tab:selected .tab-label {
        -fx-font-weight: bold;
    .tab-pane .tab-header-area .tab-header-background {
        -fx-background-color: #BDBDBD;
    Within my JavaFX code :
    Java FX Code:
    Tab solarTab = new Tab("Solar Panel");       
            BorderPane solarPane = new BorderPane();
            //Solar Bar Chart
            CategoryAxis xHoursAxis = new CategoryAxis();
            NumberAxis yPowerAxis = new NumberAxis();
            BarChart solarChart = new BarChart(xHoursAxis, yPowerAxis);
            solarTab.setStyle("-fx-background-color: #FFB84D");
    If I use the .setStyle() (above), the tab contains the custom color, all the time, but I would prefer it to change color only when selected as the .css file represents. When I try to use the custom tab from the css file, the code does not work and remains the default color.
    Java FX Code:
    Also, I've tried to set the background for each tab differently, but it too remains the default color (grey) when I implement the .css file code.
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