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    Default Diving into JavaFX from Swing

    I have a program that I got nearly done, which I then discovered the issues of incorporating a Graph/Chart into a Swing application. So I read around and decided that I wanted to try my hand at recreating the program using JavaFX. I am interested but very anxious to start. I did have a few questions,

    1) Is it fair to compare the STAGE in JavaFX to the JFrame in Swing ?

    2) If 1 is true, would that mean the SCENE is equivalent to a JPanel ?

    I am trying to get a grasp on the layout of everything and from the looks, every SCENE will need to be in it's own class, unlike JPanels that I just stack somewhere in a class together in Swing.

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    Default Re: Diving into JavaFX from Swing

    It helps to forget about how Swing joins things together when moving to JavaFX.
    There is no direct mapping (IMO).
    When I tinkered with JavaFX I started thinking like that and it just results in you porting Swing concepts into JavaFX, and they're not a great fit.

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