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    Default how to refresh data on the tab in javaFX

    i have created frames using splitPane in javaFX and in the first frame i have created a tab
    in the created tab i have created one text field and one button.Text field takes the path and searches for the result on clicking the button.

    and the results will be displayed in the second frame

    i am getting the results but for the next search i am facing a problem the next searched data is overlapping with the previous searched data which was already displayed on the tab

    so any body please help how to refresh the tab and to display the newly searched data


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    Default Re: how to refresh data on the tab in javaFX

    I know this post is old, but is does not have an answer and there are a lot of views.

    Have you tried hiding then calling .show() again on your scene or however you have encapsulated your tabs? This is a dirty hack that may not work, but my theory is to get it to redraw then you show it again.

    In my experience, stuff works similar to swing where you have your actions being performed in some thread outside of your GUI's thread to prevent locking. This makes it more complex to update data across threads, so design of your application becomes important here. You will need to construct your data model to be thread safe so that it can be updated by any thread without issue.

    Post your code so other can see and learn from what you are trying to do. JavaFX is quite new to the Java community as a whole and is not very well accepted just yet (because it's so new), so any good solutions we can find as a community are great!

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