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    Default JavaFX scene builder


    I just downloaded the scene builder and noticed it opened up as a stand alone application. How do I integrate it into NetBeans now. Thanks in advance.

    Ok I'll ask another question while I'm at it: Relatively new with Java and all the different graphic applications out there. Basically I've been bombarding myself with
    all this info and I wanted a confirmation: Is JavaFX a remplacement for the Java3D ? I got JavaFX running and I seem to read that it can be used to develop games. Since my next step will be to delve into Introduction to computer graphics, I wanted to know If JavaFX is all I need. (I ask because I can't seem to get Java3D to work, and if I understood correctly, this seems to be phasing out as an application. Like I said, so much information overload that I need confirmation. Thanks again.

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    Default Re: JavaFX scene builder

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    Default Re: JavaFX scene builder

    NetBeans should be automagically opening fxml files in Scene Builder if its installed, you shouldn't need to configure anything for that to work. If that isn't happening, you can go to Tools -> Options -> Java, click the JavaFX tab and make sure the path to Scene Builder is correct.

    I don't know if JavaFX is meant to replace Java3D, but you can certainly use JavaFX to make games. Some other game libraries to consider are jMonkeyEngine, LWJGL, Slick2D.

    edit: holy moly, didn't realize this thread was 2 years old :) I guess the JavaFX forum isn't too active here...
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