I am having a ghost problem. I have included Java in my install package so that I don't have to rely on the user already having Java. The problem is, every now and then the javaw.exe in my package disappears! On double clicking the shortcut on my Desktop I get a message saying that it can not find javaw.exe and it asks me if I want to remove the shortcut. I have not been able to confirm it but I think it only happens when the PC is restarted. But not every restart. That is what makes it a ghost problem. I can't track down what is causing it or when exactly it happens.

This has occurred multiple times on Vista as well as once (so far) on XP Pro. When it happened on the XP Pro, my shortcut also was changed. javaw.exe was replaced with java-rmi.exe. That may have been the result of Windows' search for a solution... Because I have not found any patters to when the exe gets deleted I have not been able to test if this issue exists on XP Home or Win 7.

The shortcuts are to:

Java FX Code:
"C:\Program Files\My Application\jre6\bin\javaw.exe" -jar "C:\Program Files\My Application\main.jar"
There are 3 processes which use the Java in my package. They are all for the same jar, the difference is, I add --argument to the end so as to run a different part of main.jar.

One of the processes (added after my problem started appearing on the Vista) starts when the user logs in, it handels the System Tray icon. It uses Java, Swing and JavaFX.
One starts at Start-up and runs in the background as administrator. This only uses Java.
The other is the GUI interface that runs when the user clicks one of the shortcuts. This one is Java and JavaFX with a rare Swing JDialog.
I am using Java 6 and JavaFX 2 build 36 or 40 (not sure how to be sure which one I have).

Is this my problem or does it have to do with Java or JavaFX and how do I prevent it?