I urgently need to make a system architecture design decision. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Because of the urgency, please cc replies to my personal spam email: rabbin22568@mypacks.net.

Thank you


About myself:
Seasoned C S/W engineer (no C++, no Java, minimal MicroSucks VC++). Fast learner (I have to be).

Develop a Windows XP/2000 (not 7) user interface to an FTDI usb device. For example, a barcode reader.

What system architecture should be employed for this project? Easiest to implement or debug? Best design? Binding hurdles? Here are a couple of ideas I'm considering. Of course they have to be mixed and matched appropriately

JavaFx, MS VC++

Device I/O:

Functional Guts (ie state transitions, control logic):
Native C, Java, JNI