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    Default What is auto wiring and itís advantages in Spring Framework

    It is possible to automatic resolve collaborators (other beans) for your bean by inspecting the contents of the BeanFactory. In Spring Framework this can be achieved by auto writing modes.

    Five auto writing modes are shown below:

    • no
    • byName
    • byType
    • constructor
    • autodetect

    Though this feature significantly reduces the volume of configuration but a lot of care is needed to use this feature.

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    Default Autowiring.

    IMHO The problem with auto writing is that it doesn't scale.
    It works best when your configuration is simple anyway. In which case you don't save much. ;)
    However as the size and complexity of your project grows and you have multiple developers, possibly over years, it becomes a maintainence nightmare with the result that you cannot safely remove anything because you cannot determine whether something somewhere might auto-reference it. :mad:
    So if you have a lots of small projects, autowriting is a real benefit. But if you a large project with lots of developers I suggest you ban it from the start. :)

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