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    Default Static function to get current working directory

    The following static function can be used to get the current working director.
    Java Code:
        private static void doGetDir() {
            String curDir = System.getProperty("user.dir");
            System.out.println("\nThe current working directory is:");
            System.out.println("  - " + curDir);

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    Default Uh,.. user home dir is cur dir?

    Only reading the code once, it appears to me to be getting user home directory. To get current dir would we not:
    Java Code:
    String currentDir = new File(".");
    And, as well, working dir and current dir may be somewhat misleading for inexperienced coders. Say runnable Java code with a properly written main() and so on is in /dir/dir/program.class and the code does File fidelus = new File("../dir/dir/drivel.dat"); or opens several files or tries to do some beginner blunder or ..... ( unthought of work goes here )

    Where did the concept of working dir go?....perhaps concept of working directory is of limited scope. If os supports multiple file handles open, concept of working directory is archaic.

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