Hard Token Management Framework is an add-on to EJBCA Certificate Authority, and communicates with the tokens through a PKCS11 interface. It comes with a few ready-made modules that can be composed to fit the need of the organization. It has many features, including basic card administration and locking functions.


Key ceremoni parts did not compile with Java 1.5. When waiting for PIN unblock approval, the wrong text was displayed for the user. Swedish characters in global.properties didn't work well in Linux. Card/Certificate information was not cleared when the card was revoked. These have all been fixed. There is support to only return the 8 significant serial numbers of HardTokenSN. Applet support has been replaced by Java Web Start. A basic pine parameter has been added to IToken.removeObject. Support for uninitialized SetCos 4.4.1 cards using NetID has been added. AutoLogon controller through PKCS11 has been added.

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