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Auth.Sorter is a small Java program that can sort your messy music library, so that you can easily find your favourite tracks just by the name of the artist.

A lot of people, including me, have that one folder or that one USB flash, where they've got tons of music. Since I like music a lot, I bought a DJ console for mixing music in my free time just for fun. However, there was one problem: Everytime I looked for a song I wanted to play, I had to look forever, in at least 5 - 6 directories, until I finally found it.
So I thought, why not make a program which would take all the songs in the whole folder and all its sub-folders, read the names of the artists, create
folders with the names of all the artists and copy all the songs from that specific artist into it.
So at the end, you're left with a new folder which contains as many sub-folders as the number of artists in your original folder. In each of these folders there are all the songs from that specific artist.

Auth.Sorter v1.2.1 - Easy Music Sorter-sc0.png

I also worked on a GUI of the software and tried to make it look as best as I could.
There will definately be updates and new releases, since I'm still planning to change some of the code.
The software's been in development since December and a stable version was released in the middle of January 2017.

This is a quick look on how to program works

Here's a folder with messy, unsorted music made by different artists.

Auth.Sorter v1.2.1 - Easy Music Sorter-sc1.png

Here's the new, sorted folder with all the sub-folders in it.

Auth.Sorter v1.2.1 - Easy Music Sorter-sc2.png


Auth.Sorter v1.2.1 - Easy Music Sorter-126488.png