The main purpose of the Java Wikipedia API (Bliki engine) is the rendering of the Wikipedia (aka Mediawiki) syntax into HTML. Partial support for conversion to PDF and Docbook is available. Additionally, the Mediawiki api.php calls are wrapped in Java classes.


The wikipedia CSS style is used in the generated HTML and PDF files. The APIWikiModel downloads images now. Redirected content is parsed in APIWikiModel. New template functions were added: #expr, #ifexpr, lc, lcfirst, ns, #switch, uc, ucfirst, and urlencode. The parser template function mapping was changed: the '#' character must now be prepended in the key. See for an example. Derby Database support was added for the HTML and PDF file creators (see HTMLCreatorTest and PDFCreatorTest in the JUnit module).

URL: Java Wikipedia API - MathEclipse