SpectrumSCM is the first platform-independent, truly integrated enterprise-level Source Configuration and Management solution, which includes version control, process management, release management, advanced branching, issue tracking and much more, all integrated into one tool. In addition, it allows users to construct automated workflow engines and interfaces to external systems through the SpectrumSCM API. The tool also incorporates advanced security features through the Java Security Model, SSL, and LDAP. The client software can be run as an application or accessed over the Web as an applet or through Java Web Start. It also includes a full-featured commandline interface, strong IDE integrations, and a SpectrumSCM Proxy for remote users.


New features include a graphical dashboard which presents change request and task information in powerful graphs and charts. Project and branch/generic views were added to filter the displayed items to just those desired. Files and folders can now be dragged and dropped between the CM repository and the desktop or filesystem. CR creation can be done through drag-n-drop. Enhancements were made to workflow and Microsoft-source code control integration. Work breakdown structures were improved.

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