YourKit Java Profiler is a CPU and memory profiler that makes it easy to solve wide range of CPU- and memory-related performance problems. It features automatic leak detection, powerful tools for the analysis of memory distribution, an object heap browser, comprehensive memory tests as part of your JUnit testing process, extremely low profiling overhead, transparent deobfuscation support, and integration with Eclipse, JBuilder, IntelliJ IDEA, NetBeans, and JDeveloper IDEs.


Wall time can be configured via the profiler UI. Profiling of a remote J2EE server can be enabled with the help of a console version of the J2EE integration wizard. It is now possible to open huge memory snapshots (1 Gb and bigger) on 32-bit machines. The biggest objects are shown as a dominator tree instead of a plain list. The retained size of individual objects is shown in object explorer, paths, and incoming references views. Values of primitive types are available in non-HPROF snapshots. Mac OS X 64-bit Java is supported.

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