File (Flexible Interface Rendering Engine) is a library that aims to provide a set of easy-to-use extendable components to J2ME developers. The basic set of Fire components offer all the functionality of the J2ME GUI components provided in the midp2 profile (Forms, Items etc.) plus a much more appealing user interface, themes, animations, popup menus, and better component layout. Fire does not depend on device or vendor specific parameters to lay out its components on the screen, thus creating interfaces that look the same on different phones and screen sizes.


This release has a few serious bugfixes and many minor improvements, and a new Component for displaying animations. A sizeChanged() bug fixed, a Motorola issue, a bug in setOrientation, a bug in editable row and text constraints, and other minor bugs (panel scrolling) have been fixed. Editable rows can have a fixed height. There is a Gauge improvement (requires less CPU). Full highlight when selected for Row and ListElement components. An improved appearence of the DateTimeRow component. A new Movie Component that can present nice animations.

URL: Fire j2me