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    Default Natural CLI announcement

    Natural CLI is a Java library providing to developers command line interfaces with human readable sentences. It means, your software can understand easily command lines like the following:

    $acme start daemon mailservice
    $acme send file /tmp/pau.jpg to
    $acme start backup in 10 minutes
    $acme zip to files a.txt b.txt c.txt

    It's very easy to define, only need strings like:

    start daemon <name:string>
    send file <file> to <email>
    start backup in <number> [minutes]
    zip to <file> files <filename> ...

    The last release es 1.2.1 which include some bug fixes.

    For more information, examples and downloads, please visit the web Natural CLI

    Any comment, bug or feature request are welcome on ferranb***
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