Entrance is a program for browsing MySQL databases. It includes a "match box" search facility that is simlar to the Mac's Spotlight. Entrance can create charts based on query results, and these charts can be zoomed and panned. Entrance also supports an innovative feature called "data painting" that allows users to select and paint data points interactively.


This release runs on the Apple Leopard beta. It also runs on systems with Java JRE 1.5 or 1.6. It is now easier to test "problem" MySQL connections, e.g. those that are nonexistent. The "only","all", and "auto" keywords for drawing labels on an x axis have been improved, and the default is now "auto". The new Web page, dbeentrance.com, has an example showing a plot of the Keeling C02 curve data (click on the chart to see the SQL behind it).

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