The Java Print Dialog Framework (JPDF) allows software developers to add a comprehensive printing capability to existing Java applications. The JPDF can preview and print the Swing components that comprise the application's GUI. Business reports and forms containing data obtained from external sources (e.g. databases and files) can be composed and printed. A wide variety of page-setup, print-preview, and print dialogs (which can easily be plugged into an application) are provided. The JPDF is designed to be integrated into Java Swing applications and applets.


This release introduces several enhancements to the capability to print JTables and JTextAreas. The report generation functionality has been enhanced to provide more flexibility in the use of the predefined report section types. French has been added to the supported languages. This release has been tested and verified to work under Windows Vista. All known bugs have been fixed. The free demo has been updated to showcase the new capabilities.

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