MQ Channel Encryption (MQCE) is a solution that provides AES encryption for message data flowing between WebSphere MQ (WMQ) resources. It operates with Sender, Receiver, Server, Requestor, Cluster-Sender, Cluster-Receiver, Server Connection, and Client Connection channels of the WMQ queue managers. It is a simple drop-in solution and can be configured as a queue manager channel message exit or as a channel sender/receive exit pair.


This release was tested with WMQ 7.5. The MQCE header was altered due to incorrect exit data length received from MQ - PMR 58128. The accepted IniFile parameter length was increased from 1024 to 2048 characters. A new 64-bit native DLL (64\mqce.dll) was provided along with 32- and 64-bit .NET DLLs. A MQCE Programming Guide manual was provided. A bug in the in-memory INI parser was fixed.

URL: Capitalware's MQ Channel Encryption Overview Page