MQ Authenticate User Security Exit (MQAUSX) is a solution that allows a company to fully authenticate a user who is accessing a WebSphere MQ resource. It verifies the user's user ID and password (and possibly domain name) against the server's native OS system (or domain controller) or a remote LDAP server. The security exit will operate with WebSphere MQ v5.3, v6.0, or v7.0 (and MQSeries v5.2) in Windows, iSeries (OS/400), Unix, and Linux environments. It works with Server Connection, Client Connection, Sender, Receiver, Server, Requestor, Cluster-Sender, and Cluster-Receiver channels of WebSphere MQ queue manager. The MQ Authenticate User Security Exit solution is comprised of 2 components: client-side security exit and server-side security exit.


MQAUSX server-side security now defaults to AES 256-bit encryption for user credentials. Support for authentication against Quest Authentication Services (QAS) aka Vintela Authentication Services on Unix/Linux was added. Support for authentication against Centrify’s DirectControl (CDC) on Unix/Linux was added. A UseLDAPGroupSearchBindDN keyword was added. A new UseLDAPAuthCompare keyword causes LDAP bind to be used for authentication rather than LDAP compare.

URL: Capitalware's MQ Authenticate User Security Exit Overview Page