Bugzero is a Web-based change management and issue tracking system used in a distributed team environment to track software bugs, hardware defects, test cases, or any other issues. It can also be used equally well as a helpdesk customer support, trouble ticketing, or email management system to collect and manage customer feedbacks, incidents, requests, and issues. It is easy to use, but still flexible and adaptive, and can be configured to fit to your organization's unique business process and workflow.


An issue with not being able to clear a field value has been fixed. The first option is no longer saved as a default to a disabled drop-down field or a multi-select field. A "hosts.allow" file for email spam control and a system flag for disabling the Guest user email trigger have been added.

URL: Web based Bug, Defect, and Issue Tracking Software

Bugzero 6.6.2-bug.gif