Collaba is a multimedia collaboration and communication server built to provide digital work spaces to virtual educational, corporate, and government communities. It features secure email (Web, POP3/SMTP, crypto, anti-spam), online forums (Web, RSS, NNTP, podcast), blogs (Web, RSS, podcast), multimedia chat (text, whiteboard, extendable tools, multimedia panel, etc.), personal and group calendering, an address book, bookmarks, Web space and an online Web page editor, file services and CMS (Web, WebDAV, FTP, SMB, CIFS, anvi-virus API, and ClamAV support), digital portfolio, dynamic news board, directory access, support for multiple independent communities on one server, Single-Sign-On features (built-in support for LDAP, CAS, JAAS, SMTP-Auth and more, powerful developer API), full online server management, anti-spam (RBL and filters), centralized management with LDAP directories, Web publishing over HTTP and HTTPS, and much more.


This is a major release that introduces significant changes in the platform's architecture. Instead of the monolithic structure of 7.0 and earlier releases, this version is based on a kernel (application server), an application layer, and a developer interface layer. An extensive cleanup of the code base and of the external libraries has also been completed. Finally, this release includes hundreds of enhancements, additions (including a WIKI feature), changes, and fixes.

URL: Collaba