Zoom is a low-overhead graphical and command line profiler for Linux. Profiles are system-wide, precise down to the instruction level, and capture complete backtraces of C/C++/ObjC/Fortran/Assembly code. This lets you see exactly where time was spent, what code was running (user or kernel), and how that code was called. Drill down into a specific symbol, and Zoom shows source and assembly annotated with general and processor-specific tuning advice. It saves profiles as a single, self-contained session file that can be emailed or attached to bug reports. This lets you share what you find with colleagues or archive it for later review. Zoom also supports remote network profiling and scripting, making it ideal for embedded or server systems and automated workflows.

This release added the ability to view sample count/time and percentage simultaneously, added an option to group samples by process name rather than PID, changed the default hot key for starting and stopping profiling to Shift-F1, added an option to install to a custom path on Linux, removed creation of a .debug folder when using the perf driver, fixed the perf driver on Linux kernel 3.9, and fixed monitoring of exited processes on Linux kernel 3.7 and later. There were also user interface and performance improvements

Zoom Profiler – Freecode

Zoom Profiler 3.2.0-0806_zoom-profiler_3.2.0.png