jZebra is a Java applet which allows you to print barcodes, receipts, and more from a Web page to your industry printer. It sends raw print commands and basic HTML and PDFs to your raw, PostScript, or LaserJet printer. It has been tested with Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Opera. It supports parallel, serial, USB, and network printers.

This release adds new EPL image handling (non-8-by pixels widths corrected, too), an HTML fix for Java 7 Update 25, raw data using byte, miscellaneous code cleanup, the new experimental feature appendJSONArray(String jsonData), a fix for appendHex(), which now allows "x1B" instead of "\x1B", fixing the "\x00" bug (just use "x00", Issue 61), and a fix for a bug with the Java 7 u21 update which throws "NPObject" errors.

jZebra – Freecode

jZebra 1.5.4-0806_jzebra_1.5.4.png